World MasterCard Fashion Week S/S 2015

IMG_1620Yesterday I attended World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto. I was there all day long, literally from the first show till the last. It was the most amazing day, my excitement has not let me sleep at all.

I have been involved with Toronto Fashion Week for 4 seasons now! The first season I was a volunteer and worked mostly backstage, from dressing models to setting up the runway. It was such an interesting experience to be apart of all the chaos and magic that it takes to put the entire show together. Having being apart of that makes me appreciate the shows even more because I know how hectic and crazy it gets backstage.

My second season at the shows I attended a new event called Fashion Saturday which was entertainment based event for the public which consisted of 3 runway shows that showed the highlights of pieces from the entire week from various of designers. There was also a studio open with designer’s pieces for sale.

The third season I attended was earlier this year and all the details and outfits are in my previous post (read here)

So now lets talk about yesterday! I got to see many beautiful collections, met some amazing familiar (famous) faces and lots of new friends. I started the day with Rudybois, the first show of the day. He is a Quebec based designer who made his debut at Toronto Fashion Week yesterday.

20141022_150447 IMG_1573Sitting front row at his show was Matthew Stephen Smith from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21. I was able to have interview him backstage and he was so incredibly nice and friendly. He share some inside scoop of what it was like to be on Americas Next Top Model, house drama and the fun, theatrical photo shoots he was apart of.

I was very fortunate enough to have been asked to be invited backstage to interview Rudy Bois and talk about his amazing collection. His collection for Spring/Summer 2015 consisted of black,white and red pieces, very classic, clean cuts, sheer details and modern. He strays away from bright colors, which you often see for Spring/Summer collections. This collections went so well with the slick back hair and smoky makeup, which I believe really puts the entire look together. This was most definitely my favorite collection of the day!

IMG_1575IMG_1580I love that my jacket sleeves were very similar to his pieces, with the sheer details and tight cuffs.


IMG_1582While backstage I recognized Ari Goldkind ( He is running for Mayor in Toronto and has been really interesting and a little amusing to watch during the mayoral debates. I am sure everyone around the world has heard about the current Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford so with elections less than a week away I think a lot more people have gotten interested in politics and choosing the next mayor, myself included.

He said I made his day by recognizing him and was even blushing a little bit! Good luck to him!

IMG_1593What is Fashion Week without a supermodel? Stacey Mckenzie is always present during Toronto Fashion Week and never disappoints with her style. Here she is wearing a piece from Sig Neigum, an amazing Canadian designer who also showcased his collection during World MasterCard Fashion Week. It was so nice meeting and posing with her! She complimented me on my outfit and it literally made my life complete.


In between shows there is always something or someone exciting outdoors. Yesterday after 6pm Le Chateau has a food truck parked outside serving poutine and giving goodie bags. It was a perfect warm treat since it got really cold at this point. Thank you to “Gourmet Bitches” and Le Chateau!

20141022_184609Inside the show there was other little goodies, Diet Coke were serving drinks in glass bottles and for dessert there were hostesses serving Magnum Double Chocolate Caramel ice cream bars! They were so delicious, I didn’t get a chance to take pictures.

Here are some pictures from the Christopher Bates and Rachel Sin shows.

IMG_1647 IMG_1652 IMG_1653 IMG_1669 IMG_1670 IMG_1672 IMG_1673

It was such an amazing day at the tents, my favorite season thus far and I hope they keep getting better and better each time. In case I don’t get to make it to any other shows it was definitely a great day that I will remember forever.

I will be posting full details of my outfit tomorrow, so stay tuned for that.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @almostfashionable for more pictures and updates 🙂

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