Business denim

IMG_1140 (2)Okay so this is not actually denim but it has the style, color, texture and comfort of a denim shirt. I would describe this outfit as a “Monday  morning, back to work, in fall colors”.

IMG_1136 (2)

I got this dress shirt from Banana Republic and I loved it instantly because of the denim similarities. It is made of cotton, very soft and comfortable making it a great dress shirt. I paired it with these dress pants I got from Forever 21 some time ago. These pants are a great for fall. They are made with a thicker material that will keep you comfortable and warm! I love these pants because they are a distinctive lighter shade of brown (different from most pant colors out there) and more importantly the fit. They are high waist, snuggle to your waist and drop down to a flare. What more could you ask for in a dress pant?

As for my purse, I just bought this from Winners a few weeks ago. It is great for day to day use, made for fall/winter fashion and is super light weight!


Are you sick of this nail color yet? I sure am. New nail color on its way this week! (above nail color post here)

IMG_1100 (2)


IMG_1108 (2)Shirt: Banana Republic | Pants:Forever 21 | Purse: Winners

IMG_1076oh hey there contoured face! I will be blogging about this makeup look, the magical fall lipstick and blush used here tomorrow! Stay tuned.

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