Early autumn grape


It’s that awkward time of the month when it technically is still summer but you wake up to cloudy, drizzling weather and by afternoon the sun is shining turning it into a beautiful day. So this is my attempt to find a lipstick and blush combo  that fits these type of days.

IMG_1134 (2)

IMG_1156 (2)


The color lipstick I used here is Clinique Different Lipstick in the shade A Different Grape. When I looked at this color I was thinking it would be a much darker tone and it does seem that way when I first applied it. However you can see it is lighter with a shine to it. Being outside when the sun was out you could see it reflect the shining light and look glossy.

I think its a great shade for this time of year because it is the grape color we love in the fall but it does not have the heavy darkness that we will sure to see once the weather cools down.

The blush I used is MAC Fever (matte) powder blush. It is an infusions of dark red, purple and burgundy  which goes well with most fall shades of lipstick. This will definitely the blush I grab for this fall/winter season.

IMG_1118 (2)IMG_1127 (2)

 Here is the full outfit post. (Business denim)

Do you like this color? What is your go to lip color right now?


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