Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors Exhibit

Are you ready for your Instagram feeds to be flooded by art? Not to mention the thousands who are on waiting lists to get in on one of the most talked about exhibits.

In case you are completely unfamiliar, Yayoi Kusama is bringing her internationally talked about exhibit to Toronto from March 3- May 27th at theArt Gallery of Ontario.

I was fortunate enough to spend the evening with Shiseido (a sponsor of the exhibit) to get a private tour of the exhibit.

I don’t want to give away too much because this exhibit is definitely worth checking out but here are a few things to note.

– Yayoi Kusama gives insight in her childhood, fears and a lot of her inspiration

– while you go through the exhibit there are 6 different rooms

-each room only allows you to be inside for 20-30 seconds so take your selfies quick!

-the rooms vary from different objects, mirrors and lighting that really feels absolutely magical

I have to say for someone who isn’t an art enthusiast this exhibit was amazing. There was a lot to absorb and learn about Yayoi Kusama throughout the exhibit and each room was stunning. I must say if you are not a selfie queen (like myself) you will struggle to get that perfect Instagram picture in time and still have a few seconds leftover to enjoy the rooms. So take a second to let it all in and enjoy before you hyper click your camera buttons.

I also loved the last part of the exhibit which gave each person a selection of stickers to place freely and really help make the art. It’s amazing to see the progress of this room from day 1 till the last day and how it filled up.

Make sure to check out the Infinity Mirrors Exhibit before its too late and check the tour cities to see where it’s coming up next so you don’t miss it!

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