Good luck, black lip







If a girl in a black lip crosses the street, is it good luck? I’d like to think so.

  • 3 articles of clothing
  • 9 pieces of jewellery
  • 1 pair of killer shoes

But nothing puts this look together the way the lip does. Agreed? I hope so or else this post is quite meaningless. It is quite a basic look – bodysuit, moto jacket, lots of black, I mean there’s nothing ground breaking happening here.

Don’t get me wrong,  the cropped moto with sheer balloon sleeves paired with high waist flared pants tucked in socks for a relaxed fit is cool and all but I think the star of the show here is the lip. I can only imagine this outfit paired with a nude lip and the outcome would be mediocre. I know it may seem like a risk but with great risk, comes great reward. You with me?

PS this was my ootd for the first day of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week- so if that’s not the time to wear a near black lip, when is?

PS2 lip details: NYX Liqud Suede “Oh put it on” topped with Vasanti Power Oils Gloss “Goddess”

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. You look insane! Amazing post ❤

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  2. Such a cool look! Love the jacket and the black lips really do make the look.

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  3. Andreanne says:

    You look amazing in a black lip!

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  4. maldham says:

    You can totally rock the black lip look. Great outfit.

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  5. Love the outfit and the black lip

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  6. Totally rocking the black lipstick! I love the NYX Liquid Suede formula; ‘Stone Fox’ is just as edgy and fun.

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  7. Amber Desilets says:

    okay you’re outfit is everything, but that lipstick shade… obsessed!

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  8. Girl, you’re rockin that black lip!! looks stunning!

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  9. Seriously!!! I’m in love with all your outfits! Pleas come tomorrow’s and style me please!!!

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  10. That black lip though!!! ♥

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