Blue (cr)eyes

Charlotte Tilbury CA









But seriously, if I cried would I shed blue tears? Think less emo, more editorial. It’s no secret the spring/summer beauty trends consist of a lot of bright colors and this season is no different. We have been seeing a lot of bright blue eye shadow looks on the red carpet (still a bit apprehensive of this fad) so I decided to slow my roll and stick with some colored winged liner and bottom lash fun.Many brands have embraced this trend so you can be budget friendly with the selections from ColourPop Cosmetics and try out their variety of creme gel liners or splurge for the YSL Mascara Vinyl Couture to treat your lashes to some serious luxury.

If you are more hesitant with this trend, I would suggest you start slow with only a coloured wing, then add some colour on your bottom lashes and then one day you can go for the full blown, coloured lids with a viciously sharp colored wing and a separate colour mascara for your top and bottom lashes because why not?

Maybe try some blue lipstick next. Blue kisses to heal those blue tears?

Lips: Molly Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in “Goddess”

PROMO CODE “japji” for 10% off and Free International Shipping

MAC Fluidline in “Blue Peep”
Avon SuperShock Bright Mascara in “Royal Shock”

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