Jamaica, Ya Mon!

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“Yeaaa mon”. If you have been to Jamaica you know this is there very famous catch phrase that is used and heard over 100 times a day. As I mentioned in my last post of 2014 I went to Jamaica with the family for my brother’s birthday, Christmas time, the holidays, escape Toronto winter and all so we decided to go somewhere warm and relaxing. Let me mention it is snowing outside as I write this post and it making me so sad to be back home. Going to all inclusive resorts are definitely my favorite type of vacation because I just love to lay out in the sun all day, hang out by the beach/pool and just drink pina coladas all day. On this trip I did end up doing much more including sailing, boat trips and venturing out into the city for local shopping, beaches and an excursion to Dunn’s River Falls.

I usually am the most annoying person who needs pictures of every step I take (slight exaggeration) but for this trip I oddly toned it down but I wanted to share a slight recap of my week in SUNNY, WARM Jamaica!

Arrival Day, my brother’s birthday!

IMG_2355 (2)

Christmas Eve

IMG_2398 (2)Shirt: Winners | Shorts: Banana Republic | Shoes: Suzy Shier | Earrings:  Banana Republic | Lipstick: Gerard Cosmetics – Fire Engine

IMG_2388 (2)This is the only type of White Christmas I like to partake in! At the end of Christmas Eve festivities the resort had a “reindeer” (goat) race on the beach. They had four people holding onto the goats with a rope then running to the finish line. It was quite funny and entertaining but it also made you feel bad for the goats.

IMG_2378 (2)

IMG_2418 (2)Bathing Suit: Roxy

IMG_2440 (2)

IMG_2452 (2)Jumpsuit: Banana Republic

IMG_2460 (2)

IMG_2624 (2)

Dunn’s River Falls is one major attraction in Jamaica because it is a natural falls filled with many lagoons and “slides” that tourist and locals come to not only enjoy the beauty but to CLIMB it all. I was very hesitant to do the climb, it even required special water shoes to climb, but somehow got convinced the last second. There were many parts that were very challenging, the rocks are large and slippery, the falls are rapidly flowing and it is very easy for you to lose control. The entire climb took about one hour which included jumps and slides into the lagoons and picture breaks under the falls. It was a major adrenaline rush once I reached to the top since I don’t do a lot of active things it was kind of a big deal for me.

To see the full view of the Dunn’s River Falls and more information about it check out there website. (click here)


IMG_2557 (2)Sunset view over the ocean from the balcony of my room

IMG_2588 (2)We had a “dining under the stars” evening with a 5 course meal out by the pool/beach area under the stars. The main stage was there as well so there was live music and dancing throughout the entire meal.

IMG_2585 (2)Dress: Banana Republic | Lipstick: Gerard Cosmetics – 1995

 Local beach in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. This is a common place for cruises to stop near by but on this day the beach was filled with mostly locals.

IMG_2641 (2)

IMG_2646 (2)Monokini bathing suit: Volcom

IMG_2654 (2)Ocean front restaurant at the resort

IMG_2674 (2)The manager at the resort set up a private campfire on the beach after dinner, with sticks and bags full of marshmallows. It was kind of amazing!

IMG_2678 (2)Shirt: Winners | Leather Shorts: H&M | Earrings: Banana Republic

IMG_2680 (2)

IMG_2693 (2)Shirt: Express Runway | Skirt: Buffalo Jeans | Wedges: Suzy Shier

IMG_2703 (2)

IMG_2721 (2)

IMG_2727 (2)My second favorite drink in Jamaica is called the Bob Marley, tasted good but looked even better!

IMG_2748 (3)

I am so sad my trip is over and I am back in freezing Toronto!It was such an amazing weeks with great memories, many of which I didn’t capture on my camera but I will forever remember.

Anyone else been to Jamaica recently or planning to go?

Hope everyone had a great holiday season and a Happy New Year!

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6 thoughts on “Jamaica, Ya Mon!

  1. Im in awe with the awesomeness of it and glory including the looks, it’s really neat you tried the climb! Its worth it i know you can do it even though it doesnt look fun at first
    What a great blessing snow aside for a vacation


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