Travel Diary: Top 5 Things to see in Dubai


Dubai has become one of the top rated destinations in the past few years and the most talked about. Dubai has so many amazing things to offer tourists that you can spend weeks on end enjoying this incredible place. Imagine a futuristic country with all your favourite aspects of every country in the world all brought together in one destination – well that’s Dubai!  As it can be a bit overwhelming I have broken down the top 5 things you must see/do when you are in Dubai.

  1. Burj Khalifa: The top tourist attraction of Dubai is the Burj Khalifa which is a skyscraper that has beaten the records for the highest building in the world – so I mean you have no choice but to see it while you’re exploring Dubai. As it is very difficult to get a full picture with the entire Burj Khalifa, it is always nice to stay in a hotel with it. My personal recommendation is the Marriot Hotel Al Jaddaf. The rooftop/pool area gives you an incredible view and also provides a free shuttle to the area daily.               20171114073023_img_93753976535883838762249.jpg
  2. Dubai Mall: Whether you are a shopaholic or not, the Dubai Mall is a definite must see. One of the largest malls in the world, it has anything and everything you can think of. Funny enough the mall concierge said to me “this is Dubai Mall – we have everything” and they really do. From international retailers, restaurants, aquarium – it has something for everyone and you can get lost in the excitement for hours on end. They also have an incredible light/water show right outside by the Burj Khalifa that is a must see!       20171111170302_img_92576714324428918992939.jpg20171111162821_img_92453647030351109755422.jpg
  3. Jumeirah beach: You can’t come to an insanely hot country without spending a relaxing day enjoying the sunshine right? Jumeirah beach is an absolutely gorgeous beach area with various VIP sections if you want to rent out beach chairs, towels etc. The view is stunning and you can see the Burj Al Arab – a 7 STAR hotel. It is incredibly luxurious (and expensive) so you can just enjoy it from afar!       20171112104553_img_93147682118877343125395.jpg20171112100524_img_92844798322236768257577.jpg20171112_2157102046616734344688824.jpg20171112100053_img_92699000778420644790512.jpg
  4. Marina: One of the most exciting areas to be in is by the Marina. This area is filled with some of the best hotels, water front restaurants and an incredible night life. It starts right off of Jumeria beach but with a more luxurious feel. I absolutely love this area during sunset with the most incredible views on the beach, the streets are buzzing, a huge variety of restaurants to choose from and amazing shopping. It is an electric feeling and I absolutely suggest you spend your evenings here.     20171113163536_img_9349915799094788341977.jpg 20171113190140_img_93622370058397149902568.jpg       20171113170904_img_93578478275107820715110.jpg20171112172931_img_93423343220099095427788.jpg
  5. Safari Tour: Well you come to a dessert so a safari tour is a MUST. I saved this excursion for the last day and could not wait! It starts off with a INSANE jeep ride through the dunes – like a real life rollercoaster and many stops for photos (sunsets on the dessert are the most beautiful). You then go to the tent where you can take a ride on a camel , enjoy many performances while you enjoy a delicious Mediterranean dinner and try hookah. It is an absolutely beautiful and fun excursion that you cannot miss while you are in Dubai. 20171114115313_img_94082687270218888597148.jpg20171114124319_img_94298293438934205929108.jpg



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