Q MAX Facial- Q Esthetics Laser Clinic 

Vacuum for your face? Yes please.  Anything for the name of glowing skin. Everyday we are thrown with new innovations in the skincare industry and it never ceases to amaze me the new treatments available. 

Last week I had the opportunity to try the Q Max Facial at the Q Esthetics Laser Clinic in Thornhill (they also have a location in Yorkville). They use a combination of therapies to cleanse, exfoliate and instantly rejuvenate the skin. 

The first step is a cleanse and minor extractions (I had a few blackheads). The next step used a small, vacuum like device coated in the specific serum for your skin to gently exfoliate damaged skin cells and deeply infuse the serum filled with vitamins and nutrients. Essentially this step felt like a vaccum that sucked out the dirt from your skin. At first it is a bit uncomfortable and a completely different sensation tbat I had experienced but then again, all is good for clear skin. All the dirt was collected in a tube so you could see what has been removed which was very satisfying. 

The last step was a laser treatment that radiated different types of cold lasers to help treat your face. The lasers increase circulation, collagen production and the lymphatic system to get rid of toxins. 

This process was completely painless however the bright lasers that often were flashing got a bit uncomfortable. This step lasted around 20 minutes. 

Overall this facial was incredibly different from any type of facial treatment I have had before and a bit uncomfortable at first – but beauty is pain right? Once the treatment was done I could see a big difference in how smooth, clean and glowing my skin looked and it only got better after the next few days. I was getting many compliments on my skin and I could really see a big difference in how healthy and clean my skin was looking. This treatment is recommended to do every 3-6 weeks depending on your skin type and I highly recommend it. 

The Q MAX FACIAL is available at the Q Esthetics locations

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