Cavalia Odysseo – live in Mississauga 

Wow! This is going to a difficult post to write because there are no amount of words to describe this show. Most importantly if you do not read any further, please read this – you must go back this show while it’s in town, no questions asked. I can tell you honestly there is no billboard, commercial, article or any visuals of the show that can do it justice.

In case you aren’t familiar with the Cavalia shows, here is a rundown. The Cavalia Odysseo has currently set up their tents in Mississauga, Ontario. After a 17 day set up the tents make you feel like you are inside a permanent theatre that seats over 2000 people. The show itself lasts 2 and half hours with a 30 minute intermission. What do you expect during this time? It might be easier to say what you don’t see but here we go. Cavalia Odysseo is made up of 65 beautiful horses, acrobats, dancers, aerialists, singers and musicians. Think every theatre show you have ever seen or heard of, combine in and that is just half of what you will see at the Cavalia Odysseo.

Here are a few pictures from the show – but it honestly will never do that he show justice. I suggest you plan a date night, girls night, family night out or hey, even go alone because this is worth seeing! It’s only in town for a few weeks so make sure you book your tickets.



*all photography is my own

For more info and book your tickets, visit

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