Peak-a-Boo Fashion Show

IMG_2204This past weekend I was invited to the Peek a Boo fund raising  fashion show held by Tease Magazine, a new online magazine that will officially launch next month.  The show was sponsored by Kallone Intimi, The Wild North Apparel and NakedTie, that showcased pieces ranging from outerwear, lingerie and men’s accessories.  Not only was is it a fashion show but there was also dance performances after each of the four runway show. The different dance performances were salsa, hip hop and samba. (check out my Instagram @almostfashionable to see videos from the night)  It was such a successful event, full of great fashion and amazing people in the magazine, media, fashion and blogging industry!

Ian Dela Cruz, Managing Partner & CEO of Tease Magazine

IMG_2198This shirt has been sitting in my closet for years (I know I have been saying that a lot) and I have always liked the style, color and fit so I never had the heart to give it away.  Are one sleeved shirts even in style anymore? Guiliana Rancic wore a one sleeve dress at the AMA red carpet (see here) so I’m going to declare it is very much in style.  The rest of my outfit seems to be my uniforms lately since I love midi skirts, especially in this cold weather!

IMG_2205Here are some of my favorite pieces from the night.  Which ones are your favorite?

IMG_2077 IMG_2091  IMG_2119



IMG_2100IMG_2133 IMG_2139 IMG_2142


IMG_2110 IMG_2156 IMG_2159

Samba dancers


Make sure you check out to see all the new pictures and posts they have!

Follow me on Instagram @almostfashionable to see more pictures and VIDEO of the night! Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on the runway videos.

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